Data Analytics Projects

Datacamp Projects

Datacamp is an online subscription learning platform with a focusing on data science teaching programming languages R, SQL, and Python. Here are the projects I completed working through real-world problems testing my knowledge of R and SQL.

Grow With Google Divvy Bikes Case Study

This data analysis is the capstone project for Grow with Google’s Data Analytics course on Coursera. The purpose of this report is to demonstrate the knowledge and skills acquired through the course by documenting the steps of the data analysis process.

This report will follow the data analytics process: Ask, Prepare, Process, Analyze, Share, and Act. Each section will cover the tasks of the case study project, what steps were taken to complete each step and document the code for reference.

Project Management Projects

Grow With Google Sauce and Spoon Capstone

The Project Management course involved completing a capstone project demonstrating my ability to manage a project through the project lifecycle.

This project shows the documentation for the Sauce and Spoon tablet rollout project from a project charter to the closing of the project with a closing report and impact report.